Nichols Bridgeway


Nichols Bridgeway is a piece of art as much as it is an overhead pedestrian walkway. At over 600 feet long it connects the Art Institutes new Modern Wing to Chicago’s fabulous Millennium Park. It’s minimalist modern design matches that of the new Modern Wing. DBM Services applications included high performance zinc and epoxy undercoats at the many field welds and a ultra-high performance fluoropolymer finish over the entire structure..

Red Gate Road Bridge


Red Gate Road Bridge provided for a new access point to cross the Fox River between South Elgin IL. and Saint Charles IL. A unique feature is its double decker design allowing for a safe and separate bridge deck for bicycles and jogger’s which is covered by the vehicle deck above. DBM Services applications included decorative stain finishes on concrete retaining walls and anti-graffiti coatings on concrete pedestals, piers, pylons and retaining walls..

CTA Red Line Howard Station


CTA Red Line Howard Station was an entire overhaul and addition to an existing elevated train station which included new vertical access, elevators, fully enclosed access platforms, queuing areas and a CTA administration building. DBM Services scope included high performance coatings on overhead steel structures interior decorating and anti-graffiti coatings.

WMS Boathouse – Clark Park


Clark Boat House is a recent addition to the Chicago Park Districts development of the North Branch of the Chicago River for public access to the river for canoeing including a boat storage building and an indoor boat rowing training facility. DBM Services scope included painting exposed structural elements, clear wood finish on 35,000 square feet of interior wood paneling and interior decorating.